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Seminar at the UCL Institute of Making

NB: UCL Institute of Making members only event

Every month this new informal research event will feature a researcher and how they navigate the Makespace to develop their academic work. Come along to make new connections, and generate ideas for how the tools in our Makespace could be used in your own research.

This evening Janneke van Leeuwen will present the 'Colour Rooms' VR installation she made at the Institute of Making. The installation is a public adaptation of one of her PhD research projects at the UCL Institute of Neurology and the Wellcome Collection, in which she investigates the relationship between visual art, the social brain and dementia. Janneke will discuss how she combines visual art and social neuroscience in her research and in which ways the Institute of Making is facilitating her work.

Drop in, no booking required, doors open at 5.45pm