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Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) & Brain Dynamics

The Thinking Eye's founder Janneke van Leeuwen will give a lecture on Google Hangout to an invited group of education experts on the topic of VTS & Brain Dynamics .

An increasing body of neuroimaging studies link visual perception to a major brain network called the Default Mode Network (DMN). This network is thought to be responsible for our sense of identity, our social awareness and moral compass. This network also enables us to remember our past as well as envision and plan our future. What these findings suggest is that visual understanding is directly connected to the kind of complex thought processes we consider to be ultimately human. Neuroimaging studies have also pointed out another unexpected reason why visual literacy is a such vital life skill. The Default Mode Network also shows increased activity when we engage in creative thought processes and when we look at art that we find very interesting. Janneke van Leeuwen will explain which different brain processes are involved when we try to make sense of the world around us and what effects art has on the brain. She will connect this to the mechanisms of the arts-based facilitated learning method Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) to explain from a brain perspective why this method has proven to be successful in guiding social & cognitive development.